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“Instead of ... destroying housing and uprooting residents, we might focus on these long commercial strips, so vital to the city, so deteriorated, and so amenable to change without social dislocation.” 

Temporary Paradise? (1974)

The Urban Core KAN seeks policy and design solutions that balance the pressures of growth within the urban core with the advancement of social equity and community character.   

C-3 San Diego = Creating Civic Community ---> Knowledge to Action Conversations

C-3 San Diego's podcast, 'The Finest City', has been featuring introductions to the Civic Champions of the region's Urban Core via its Knowledge to Action Conversation Series hosted by Jennifer Whitelaw.  If you have yet to subscribe to the series you can check it out below.

Suchitra Lukes 

Planner, City of San Diego

Building up the Urban Core: Suchi talks about her commitment to bringing together local thought leaders from planning, design, community development, and more to address San Diego’s distinctive and pressing land use challenges.

Stephen Russell 

President & CEO,

 San Diego Housing Federation

The Important Role of Business Improvement Districts in Urban Areas: Stephen sheds some light on the important role of Business Improvement Districts, including supporting economic development activities and promoting city growth and community engagement. 

Diego Velasco

President & CEO, CityThinkers

Design, Land Planning, and Density in San Diego's Urban Core: Diego discusses the big issues in San Diego’s urban core, how our needs differ from the needs of other cities, and why we need to rethink how we design our streets to include more outdoor activities and dining.

Mirle Rabinowitz-Bussell and Leslie Lewis

Founders, Homelessness Hub

Working Together to Achieve Functional Zero in Homelessness: Mirle and Leslie discuss Homelessness Hub’s use of data and visualization tools to support research and policy development for the unsheltered in San Diego.

Rammy Cortez

President, Rammy Urban Infill

Housing People Not Cars: Rammy speaks about his work specializing in creating attractive infill residential micro-unit communities in urban walkabout areas. Rammy discusses his belief in housing people and not cars, and how San Diego can better build efficient dwelling units that help all members of the community. 

Ricardo Flores

Executive Director, LISC

Forging Resilient and Inclusive Communities: Ricardo talks about the complex work LISC does throughout its extensive network of investment-based collaborations that support San Diego’s underserved neighborhoods. He discusses how LISC stands behind its mission in many ways, including training community development professionals, and gives actionable information about how listeners can take advantage of LISC’s opportunities and funding.


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C-3's Comments on the Complete Communities Initiative

C-3 calls on the City of San Diego to take the time necessary to ensure that the vision laid out by Complete Communities is implemented to its full potential. More community engagement and more attention to the issues we and other organizations have raised are of paramount importance in these challenging, changing times.


Knowledge to Action Networks

C-3's Knowledge Action Networks (KANs) bring together local thought leaders from planning, design, policy, academia, community development, and more to discuss our region’s distinctive and pressing land use challenges.


Creating Civic Community (C-3) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to education and advocacy on issues of policy, planning, and design throughout the San Diego region. Federal Tax ID: 95-2593199


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