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“The valleys and canyons are San Diego's priceless asset...It is of great importance that San Diego now, at the last moment, preserve all the remaining undeveloped valleys and canyons.” 

Temporary Paradise? (1974)

The Mesas, Valleys & Canyons KAN evaluates how San Diego's many diverse communities may preserve and utilize our expansive network of canyons as a treasured amenity, while looking for opportunities for recreation and environmental stewardship in our valleys.   

C-3 San Diego = Creating Civic Community ---> Knowledge to Action Conversations

C-3 San Diego's podcast, 'The Finest City,' has been featuring introductions to the Civic Champions of the region's Mesas, Canyons, and Valley's via it Knowledge to Action Conversations Series hosted by Jennifer Whitelaw.  If you have not yet subscribed to the series, you can check it out below.

Holly Smit Kicklighter 

Environmental Planner & EAS Biologist, ICF

The Intersection Between MSCP and Climate Action Goals: Holly details the Multiple Species Conservation Program's historical significance, its international model status, and its role in achieving climate action goals for the region. Holly talks about how this game-changing land plan creates opportunities for new interaction with our nature and safeguards the existing species that call San Diego home.

Rob Hustel

President & CEO, 

San Diego River Park Foundation

Giving the River a Voice and Seat at the Table: Rob talks about the importance of the San Diego River as a connecting point between land and water, supporting diverse animal and plant species, and covers the Foundation’s initiatives, including education programs and the “One River Many Stories” project, aimed at engaging students and celebrating the river’s rich heritage.

Eric Bowlby

Executive Director,

San Diego Canyonlands

How our Canyons Affect Equity, Climate Action Goals, and Community Engagement: Eric talks about how our canyons play a very important role in battling climate change, the San Diego Canyonlands' work surrounding ongoing education and community engagement, how you can get involved in good stewardship of our canyons, and you’ll hear a great musical surprise from Eric and Canyon Landers at the end of the conversation. 

Shawna Anderson 

Executive Director

San Dieguito River Park 

Conservation Efforts and Harmony Between Nature and Human Development: Shawna talks about the mission of the San Dieguito River Park and the rich tapestry of habitats and landscapes that grace the park, while exploring the vital connection it shares with the San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy. Shawna also discusses some exciting updates on the Coast to Crest Trail project. 

Don Scoles 

Executive Director

San Diego Habitat Conservancy 

Protecting Habitats and Species:  Don shares his journey to becoming the Executive Director in 2009, leading conservation efforts in the region, and talks about how the San Diego Habitat Conservancy differs from other conservancy organizations. Don discusses the conservancy’s unique approach to evaluating properties for management, including ecological viability and significance as habitats, while fostering collaboration with other groups for greater impact.  

Karen Scarborough & Jim Whalen 

Landscape Architect  & Biologist 

San Diego's Multiple Species Conservation Program: Karen and Jim speak on the role of the MSCP in inspiring today’s climate action goals, what makes it so successful compared to other programs, and how the MSCP is the result of tremendous collaboration and compromise, which is increasingly difficult to attain in this day and age. They talk about the framework of putting together the MSCP, the related challenges along the way, and what they hope the program achieves in the future.


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